St. Jean de Fos Art Deco Urn & Base – LG – Ivory

St. Jean de Fos Art Deco Urn & Base – LG – Ivory - $2,790

Item Number: 9083

29" H x 25.5" W Top Diam x 15.25" Sq Base

Product Description:

St. Jean de Fos pottery is uniquely recognizable and stands out immediately. This art deco style combined with the ivory finish provide an elegant selection for interior or on the patio or beside the door. This vase was fired to over 1000°C and slowly cooled down after firing to create this beautiful hard wearing glaze. A finishing addition is the matching square base (removable) for the urn which lends a pleasing detail. Finish is Ivory.  Material is Imported French Glazed Terra Cotta.

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