Kinetic Sculptures – Adding Motion to the Garden

Introducing movement to the garden is an excellent way to create an interesting focal point that immediately catches the eye.  If there’s an area in your garden that you’d like to draw attention to (or perhaps an area you’d like to draw attention away from), using motion will put the focus exactly where you want it. You can create movement by adding grasses that catch the slightest breeze, by adding a water feature with lots of movement or by introducing a kinetic sculpture to the garden.

Kinetic sculptures are the easiest ways to create this motion and are designed to capture and transform the gentlest breath of wind into a spell-binding display of graceful movement.  A well-designed kinetic sculpture should be just as beautiful at rest as it is in motion. We have several different types of kinetic sculpture here at Garden Accents to enhance just about any style garden.

One example is a variation of a gyroscope-within-a-gyroscope executed in copper and brass which is a work of art at repose and intriguing when revolving in all directions.  Its series of cups are similar to those found on anemometers which have been used since the 1800s to measure wind speed.  The sculpture takes on a random yet graceful spinning motion in the wind with each element independently balanced on stainless steel ball bearings for friction-free movement and a long, maintenance-free life.  The copper and brass take on a rich, old world patina when exposed to the
elements and will become more beautiful with age.  If you prefer something a little more free-form, the same artist has created a piece with similar action but with vertical spiral lines and copper leaves to catch the slightest breeze.  He likens the motion to undulating seaweed moving gracefully underwater.  We think it looks a little like a dancing flame–mesmerizing!!

If you don’t have space in your garden but would like to add a little interest to your porch or patio, we have some really interesting copper “infinity” sculptures ranging from 11″ to 24″ in height.  These are so simple yet look so beautiful when the wind sets them in graceful spinning motion.  Again, these will withstand the elements and are built to last.

View our short video below to see how some well-placed motion sculptures can make your garden come alive.



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