How can I determine the best sized product for my location?

The Garden Accents’ staff is experienced and so very happy to help guide your selections.  Let’s start by placing a “stand in” object in the desired location and step back!  You can easily judge the correct scale using this method.  The mistake that most often occurs is choosing an item that is “too small” rather than “too large”.  If you need further assistance, please do call or visit us with your photos and measurements.

Can all of these items really be left outside?

Most of the items we sell can be left outside year round with proper care. There are some exceptions – often if an imported item comes from a climate different than ours. A Garden Accents sales person will provide all the information you need to care for your item.

Can items be purchased and delivered outside PA, NJ and DE?

Yes, Common Carrier shipping is available out of the tri-state area. Please call or email us to get a quote on shipping costs.

Why can’t I purchase items directly through the website?

We want to be sure that any item you are interested in can be delivered securely. Many of our items are one-of-a-kind, valuable vintage or antiques and often extremely heavy. As we provide personalized service, we welcome the opportunity to discuss the optimum packing and delivery option with you. Call or email us and we will make sure your items are crated, packed and delivered safely.