1. Garden Ornament Installation Services

    Our staff will arrive at your location with your purchased product and professionally install the piece or pieces in your selected location. Perhaps you have purchased a piece of statuary and have a location in mind but need a frost proof base where it will live. Our Installation Services might include digging a frost proof base for that piece of statuary, large planter or bench.
  2. Design Consultation Service

    Sometimes it can be challenging to view options in a showroom or catalog. Garden Accents offers in home design & product selection services. We will visit your home, take photos and measurements and with your input & preferences, offer suggestions for appropriate garden ornament options based on style, appropriate scale and our experience. Please contact us for additional information.
  3. Pond Maintenance Services

    If your pond does not contain live aquatic wildlife such as fish, we will visit your site to troubleshoot problems that might include pump issues, leaks, or cleaning needs. Just contact us with your issue and we will provide a quotation and information.
  4. Garden Ornament Repair Services

    Has one of your treasured planters, statuary, fountain component or other beloved garden ornament been damaged? Our expert staff member will quote and assess the necessary repair to your garden ornament.
  5. Fountain Installation & Maintenance

    Our staff will deliver and install your fountain purchased from Garden Accents. Should you need any maintenance for your fountain in season or need help winterizing and then opening again in spring, just call us and we will provide a price quote for those services.
  6. Shipping Anywhere in the United States

    We are happy to provide a Shipping Quotation for any items your purchase. Garden Accents ensures the items will be packed and crated to ensure the safest strip possible to your location.
  7. Delivery By GA Staff

    Our staff will deliver your purchased items to PA, NJ,  DEL, MD. Contact us for Price Quotes.