How to Create a Memorable Garden

48 years ago my husband and I moved into our first house. It was inexpensive – certainly not my dream house – and at the base of a horrendously steep, barren hillside. The house wasn’t built for seven years after the rest of the development was finished because nobody wanted that lot – and for good reason. The first time it rained hard, water came in the laundry room and then, fortunately, ran out of the garage. That made us realize we were going to have to address the hill problem sooner rather than later.

As it turned out, we both loved working on the hill. And work we did! As we learned about ground covers, trees, and wall building things slowly began to look better. I decided I wanted to study horticulture and started a three year program at the Barnes Arboretum. That began a search for really special plant material – and led to the beginning of Garden Accents in 1979.

We are still in the same house but it has bigger windows in the back and we added a two story glass addition so we can enjoy the garden inside or out. Now after 48 years, the garden is being listed at the Smithsonian in their Archives of American Gardens – quite a change from the lot nobody wanted.

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