Add A New Dimension to Your Interior Design

Add A New Dimension to Your Interior Design
If you were asked to envision a great piece of artwork for your home, chances are that you’d imagine a fantastic painting or photograph. You’re already familiar with the dramatic impact a wonderful two-dimensional piece can have on the overall feel of a room, but a well-chosen piece of sculpture adds a whole new dimension–a third dimension!

While a beautiful piece of flat wall art can make a rich contribution to the beauty of a room, a full-sized statue or dimensional wall sculpture makes a bold personal statement that helps define the feel of a room. Beautiful statuary need not be relegated solely to the garden. Imagine how lovely it would be to walk into space and see a breathtaking piece of sculpture beckoning to you from the far end of the room.

You can also borrow a page from traditional outdoor garden design and use statuary as a terminus point at the end of a hall. Many of the great outdoor garden rooms borrowed ideas from traditional interior design, and it can be helpful to look through outdoor garden design books when looking for inspiration for new interior design ideas to incorporate statuary. A tried and true outdoor design element takes on a whole new look when used indoors.

Statuary can easily be incorporated into your home for year-round enjoyment. Sculpture can enhance just about any room in the house–a solarium, breezeway, entryway, library.


For an unusual and whimsical touch, consider the limited editions of Fireflies or Fireflies Too by Marian Flahavin. These beautiful bronzes capture the innocence of childhood. They can be used indoors or out as they are equipped with both a discreet solar panel and a DC adapter to provide power for the fireflies’ realistic glow. For a library, a beautiful drycast limestone bust on an elegant pedestal such as our Bacchante would be enchanting and impart an Old World feeling of opulence to a formal room. A great sculpture, like any piece of fine art, makes an incredibly thoughtful gift that can be passed down through generations. The key to selecting a really special piece of art whether it’s two- or three-dimensional is choosing something that speaks to you personally. Some people get choked up when they see a beautiful piece of art, others are mesmerized and can’t look away, others just feel happy looking at their favorite piece. Isn’t it amazing that a piece of seemingly inanimate artwork can evoke such strong emotions? Choose art that will make you feel happy every time you look at it and your investment will be priceless. Please feel free to enlist our help in finding the perfect piece of sculpture for your home!

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