How an Idea Becomes a Custom Iron Project

How an Idea Becomes a Custom Iron Project

The seed of a custom project is planted when you possess an architectural need or desire. Garden Accents has worked with Artesano Iron Works for many years. We both sell their beautifully forged outdoor line here at the showroom and facilitate the process of creating a custom piece. Are you interested in a custom arbor or gate with elements chosen especially by you for your specific site? From a simple sketch or quick meeting, The Artesano Design team is able to begin the design phase. They will provide a series of drawings detailing the size of the piece, the materials in which it will be made, its textures and finishes, working to stay true to your ideas and vision.


Once a design is chosen, their team creates a series of blue prints that detail the project’s exact measurements.

If needed, 3D renderings are sent in order to illustrate further detail to the client.

After the blueprints are approved by you or your project supervisor, experienced blacksmiths craft your piece with great realism and detail. This immediately makes clear the difference between these beautiful creations and pre-fabricated non custom products available in the mass market.

Custom projects require extra care and attention to detail. Information will be communicated back and forth in order to give you the opportunity to make any correction and suggestion along the production phase. Each project is one of a kind.

There is no greater achievement than seeing a project all the way through from the beginning idea to the design process, then to fabrication and installation.

At Artesano Iron Works and Garden Accents, we are very proud to be part of the elaboration of any project for your home and garden, whether it is decorative, functional or both. Art is in every hand wrought aspect of what we do.

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