Serenity Now: Creating an Asian-Inspired Garden or Meditation Room

Serenity Now:  Creating an Asian-Inspired Garden or Meditation Room

Everyone needs a space where they can just “be” to get away from the schedules and deadlines and general bustle of everyday life.  Perhaps this is a quiet corner of the garden where you can just sit and observe nature or a favorite nook in the kitchen where you can sit and write in your journal.  If you don’t have a peaceful area where you can escape to for quiet reflection or meditation, let’s think about creating one.

When choosing your location outdoors, pick a quiet area with privacy and some shade from the hot midday sun.  Indoors, quiet and privacy are the key requirements.

Some choices you might consider including are Asian garden accents that instantly transform any area into an incredible retreat, designed to encourage quiet contemplation and peace.  Water bowls are a wonderful way to bring the soothing sounds of running water, but can easily be tucked into even the smallest areas.  These are available in a variety of sizes. Wind chimes can add a subtle melodic tinkling and are available in different notes or keys and can be personalized based on what rings true for you.

To add subtle light in the garden or create punctuation at the beginning or end of a path, add a traditional Asian lantern.  These stone lanterns are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.  Each lantern style is significant with its own special meaning and application.

To help set off a secluded space, you might consider an antique Chinese carved stone screen – available in the Garden Accents’ inventory. Browse our extensive collection of pieces to add an uncommon, memorable and meaningful accent to your design.

Bring along a photo or photos of your intended space and ask showroom staff where you are shopping for ideas.

If you’d like to visit a few existing gardens for additional ideas, there are many beautiful public Asian-inspired gardens in our area including the Shofuso at the Fairmount Park Horticultural Center in Philadelphia and the Garden of Serenity in Bethlehem, PA.  In Washington, DC is a 12-acre Classical Chinese Garden at US National Arboretum which will be complete with teahouses, pagodas and bridges.  The beauty of an Asian-inspired garden or meditation room is that it’s timeless. From time to time, The Garden Conservancy Open Days offers opportunities to also tour private Asian inspired gardens in the Philadelphia area.

An Asian inspired garden or meditation space can be created in a detailed, researched manner or in a style and design that simply accomplishes your intended goal – peace & serenity. Choose materials and authentic accents of the finest quality, surround them with lush well-chosen plantings in a peaceful environment, and your garden room or meditation room will provide you years of beauty and enjoyment.

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